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How much time do you waste combing through spreadsheets, static PDFs and stale data from different sources? What opportunities do you miss talking to inexperienced analysts who can’t add value? PointLogic Energy gives you a better, cost effective alternative. See what’s going on right now, in real time, on interactive maps. And gain fast access to the best analysts in the business.

Actionable interactive data with support from top analysts add up to a winning formula for profitable decision-making.

Our interactive visual interface changes the game

Gain access to the best analysts

It’s not enough to have numbers. You need to know what they mean. Quickly. PointLogic Energy lets you talk directly with a top analyst who can fill in the gaps between the data. The industry’s rock stars have migrated to PointLogic Energy because we’re the place to be. Get thought-leading insights into the forces driving changes and trends, both in person and in national/regional reports.

Meet our analysts

Gain access to the best analysts

It’s not enough to have numbers. You need to know what they mean. Quickly. PointLogic Energy lets you talk directly with a top analyst who can fill in the gaps between the data. The industry’s rock stars have migrated to PointLogic Energy because we’re the place to be. Get thought-leading insights into the forces driving changes and trends, both in person and in national/regional reports.

Meet our analysts
Luke Larsen – Vice President, Midstream


Luke has been in the energy industry for more than 20 years. He began his career with an Omaha-based company called PSI Gas Marketing which would soon become Aquila Gas Marketing. Luke held various responsibilities throughout his tenured career with Aquila Gas as a Gas Pipeline Accountant, NGL Production Accountant, Eastern Operations Manager, Gulf Coast Marketer and eventually becoming Vice President of Eastern Region managing 100% of the physical and financial risk of the third largest marketing company in the country. After several successful years in the private sector, Luke joined PointLogic Energy, formerly LCI Energy Insight, in 2001.

Charles Nevle – Vice President, Supply


Charles’s energy experience spans 20 years with a special emphasis on risk management, financial modeling, and fundamental market analysis. He’s held roles managing analytics with NiSource and Boardwalk Pipeline and with Bentek Energy’s consulting group. Charles leads the PointLogic natural gas and oil production team. Charles spent several years as a CPA with Ernst & Young in their advisory and litigation consulting groups and is a former Marine.

Jack Weixel – Vice President, Demand


Prior to joining PointLogic Energy, Jack was a director for Bentek Energy, managing its North American Natural Gas, European Gas, and GIS business units in addition to serving on the company’s Senior Leadership Team.  He previously led Bentek’s Client Services division along with the company’s Midcontinent and Canadian natural gas desks. Jack is also the architect and creator of Bentek’s original Energy Analytic reports including the Supply Demand, Power Burn and Industrial End Users daily report series. Before joining Bentek in 2006, Jack spent seven years as a senior energy regulatory consultant for the EOP Group, Inc. in Washington, DC. He holds a Master in Business Administration from George Washington University.

Warren Waite – Associate Director, Energy Research and Analysis


Warren joins PointLogic Energy with 16 years of energy experience focused on the physical natural gas markets throughout North America. At PointLogic, he manages their Northeast content and analysis, pipeline flow data in addition to assisting on market outlooks and product development. Previously, Warren was Manager of North America Gas & Power Content for Bentek Energy and Platts. Warren has also held various front office positions in Houston and Chicago with a handful of natural gas trading companies. Those roles focused on gas operations, trading, portfolio management and the valuation of transport, storage and asset management arrangements. Warren graduated from Texas Tech University and holds an Energy Risk Professional designation from the Global Association of Risk Professionals.

Robert Applegate, PhD – Manager, Natural Gas and NGL Analysis


Robert comes to PointLogic Energy from Bentek Energy, where he developed and implemented mathematical models to guide market decisions around natural gas and natural gas liquids in North America. In addition, he performed market analysis and forecasting for fundamental natural gas liquids markets. Prior to his work in the energy space, Robert served on the Board of Directors, scientific advisory boards, as principal investigator and directed research efforts for more than 10 start-up biotechnology companies. Robert completed a postdoctoral position at Los Alamos National Laboratory and holds a PhD in Applied Physics from the Colorado School of Mines.

Sadie Fulton – Senior Energy Analyst


Sadie joins PointLogic Energy from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and graduate study at the Colorado School of Mines where she earned her Master of Science in Energy Economics and is a continuing PhD candidate. Her expertise centers around using modern empirical methods to draw insight from energy data.

Rishi Iyegnar – Senior Analyst, Natural Gas Supply


Prior to joining PointLogic Energy, Rishi worked on data analytics consulting engagements with utilities and ISO’s. Previously, he was a research analyst with the North American gas market forecasting team at ICF International. Rishi holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Callie Kolbe – Manager, Energy Analysis


Callie joins PointLogic Energy from Bentek Energy, where she provided in depth analysis to clients in the natural gas industry in North America. She produced daily content specifically for the natural gas markets in the Rockies and the Midwest. Prior to her work in the energy space, Callie served as an international policy analyst for General Electric in Washington, DC and worked with foreign governments on behalf of the company. Callie holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from Tufts University.

Alan Lammey – Senior Markets Analyst


Alan is a well-known U.S. energy markets analyst with more than 16 years of experience. Alan developed a keen interest for the energy commodity markets in the mid-1990’s, where he honed his analytical skills on the fundamental and technical aspects of the oil and natural gas markets (both physical and financial), as well as mastered various forms of risk management. He also has an extensive background in energy-focused weather forecasting. Alan has written thousands of natural gas market analysis reports and white papers that have been published in many renowned energy industry publications in the United States and around the world.

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See the big picture

View the big picture on interactive maps and click on meter points for detail. Get a 30,000-foot perspective (along with answers to specific questions) by talking directly with a leading analyst. Keep informed via our national/regional reports.

Talk to experts

Speak directly with a top analyst to shed light on what data means. Plus, our experienced analysts go the extra mile to help integrate our data into your workflows.

Save money

Surprising but true: PointLogic Energy’s advanced solution is also the most economical. At the enterprise level, we often cost 50% or 60% less than our competitors. We don’t charge you by the seat or police the number of spots you’ve bought.

Make better predictions

Always be ahead of the curve. Visualize, analyze, know frac spreads, make predictions, and decide in the blink of an eye. Shape the future.

Create your own custom watchlists and spreadsheets

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Exclusive NGL and Gas Processing Intelligence

Monitor gas processing plant volumes and natural gas liquid volumes by refining district and purity product. View plant locations on the map. Click to see more about the plant, to chart output history or to download daily volumes. A dashboard provides interactive charting for NGL production with frac spreads by day or historical.

Stay ahead of the curve in real time

The dynamic natural gas market moves fast, so PointLogic Energy has designed an intelligent, cutting-edge fundamentals resource that enables you to move faster. Everything about us is dynamic.

Latest data visualized

See the latest data, updated at least 5 times a day, on our interactive maps that give you the entire picture at a glance, with easy drill-down to meter points for detail.

Access to experts

Speak directly with the best analysts in the business, who fill in the gaps between the data, answer questions and shed light on the forces driving changes and trends.

News and analysis

Daily and weekly national and regional reports, along with special bulletins and briefings, keep you current with news and thought-leading insights from our analysts.

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